6 travel money saving hacks you should know by now

When it comes to your travel budget, every dollar counts! Get more bang for your buck with these handy hints. 

  1. Travel mid-week
    If you can, try and travel before and after weekend dates, when generally airfares are much cheaper. Plus, as an added advantage, often there are less people on mid-week flights which allows for more of a chance to get a row to yourself or potentially even an upgrade.

  2. Book your flights and hotel together with a package
    A lot of people book their flights up front and then choose to organise accommodation later, however by booking a package you can easily get back the cost of at least one night’s accommodation or sometimes even your return flight.

    Just like bundling together your internet and phone plan to save money, combining flights and accommodation in a Wotif holiday package offers you a special rate that’s not available when booking hotel and flights separately.
  3. Use Google Maps in offline mode
    The Google Maps app has a feature that allows you to save maps in offline mode for both iOS and Android. Preload the maps you need before you leave home, and you’ll be able to access maps while you’re travelling without cellular data or Wi-Fi. You won’t be able to use the directions feature but you’ll still be able to get around minus the extra dollars!
  4. Check the currency
    Check out the exchange rates for the destination you are headed to and as a rule, never purchase your travel dollars at the airport or hotel – they’re known for their notoriously high exchange rates!Overall, the best way to get a great exchange rate is to shop around, understand the lingo, negotiate on price and know your currency so you don’t end up paying more. It may seem small, but the difference between getting 1.3 or 1.4 US dollars to AU dollar can sometimes mean an extra $50-$80 in your pocket when you’re spending $2000.Also, check your holiday destinations currency and how the Australian dollar stacks up as this can really affect spending money once on the ground. For example, the dollar is going well against the UK pound at the moment.

  5. Don’t just look at a cheap flight price
    A flight may seem like a bargain at first glance, however it is important to look at all of the additional extras, stopovers and whether food and beverages are included. To make it easier, on Wotif we ‘rate’ flights for our customers based on the airlines offerings, quality of the carrier, stopovers and even seat room.
  6. Think about baggage when you book
    A lot of people get stung by extra baggage fees, always think about this up front when you book your flights!Check the fare details – if baggage isn’t included, it is always cheaper when you purchase your flight rather than at the airport.Frequent flyer programs may also offer additional baggage according to your status tier – for example, by being loyal to a particular airline, you can potentially get access to 2 x 23kg bags– which will ultimately save you money as opposed to choosing a cheaper fare with another airline and having to pay additional baggage fees.

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