A jeweller’s top 5 tips for proposing on holidays

Chances are you know someone who got engaged when they were on holidays. And for good reason. What better way to pop the big question than in a beautiful destination when you’re both feeling the relaxed travel (and, hopefully, love!) vibes?

As someone who had her man get down on one knee in Paris (yes, it was as romantic as it sounds), I can vouch for the fun that comes with marking such a big moment together somewhere fabulous, then enjoying your engagement bubble for the rest of your trip. Plus, it’s a great excuse for a return visit… *hint, hint Paul* 😉

But how do you ensure the all-important ring component goes smoothly? And is there really a chance that those pesky security checks at the airport could ruin the surprise?

Who better to ask than a jeweller? We spoke with Matthew Ely– the man behind the Sydney luxury boutique of the same name –to get his top tips.

Matthew Ely at work at his Sydney boutique

Tip 1: Outsource as much to your hotel before you get there

“I would say the most important part is to outsource as much as you can to your hotel or concierge before you leave for your trip. That way, when you arrive, there are a number of elements already planned and arranged, and you can enjoy your time with your partner,” said Matthew.

Not to mention, it helps avoid unnecessary stress, pressure, and suspicion. You disappearing to run to reception to plan things could be a tad suss to your partner if you’re hoping to make it a surprise.

Tip 2: Get the ring sorted

If the four Cs of diamonds (carat, cut, colour, and clarity, for those playing at home) are a whole new world to you, don’t worry! Find a great jeweller to help you through the process.

But first of all, you need to decide what you will be proposing with: the ring, a placeholder ring, another piece of jewelery, or something completely different.

“Traditionally, the man had the ring picked out, but couples have so many options these days. You might want to present the ring during the proposal, and if that’s the case, having a sense of what your partner wants is a huge help. If in doubt, enlist a discreet family member or friend to help guide you. Also, don’t rush the process – leave enough time before you head off to get something really special made, so that you aren’t stressed about tight time frames in the lead up.”

“We see more and more couples opting to design the engagement ring together, which can be a really fun process. It also takes the pressure off and ensures the ring is exactly what you’re both after.”

“In those instances, when proposing, I’ve had some customers present another piece of jewellery or a diamond they’ve selected when they actually propose, which can be really special too.”

Tip 3: Don’t wait until the end of the trip

“I think proposing sooner rather than later is better, as you then get the chance to enjoy the rest of the holiday as an engaged couple. It takes a lot to build up the courage for the big moment, so men can get cold feet and wait until later into the holiday – bad idea! I believe it’s about knowing the moment is right for you as a couple, and this way you’re not at risk of your partner picking up on what is actually going on.”

Tip 4: Keep the ring on your body

This has to be a big question for anyone planning to propose – how do I keep the ring safe and out of sight until the big moment? Matthew shares his wisdom:

“The engagement ring is something small enough that you can keep it on your body, and I would highly recommend you do so. We offer our clients pocket pouches that can fit into wallets or in your breast pocket, so there’s less risk of it falling out or getting scratched.”

“Generally the ring won’t go off at security sensors, but if you are worried, I would let your girlfriend go through before you and whisper to the security guard that you do have an engagement ring in your pocket.”

Tip 5: Know what your insurance policy will cover

File this under something you probably hadn’t though of!

“Many people don’t know that travel insurance generally won’t cover engagement rings, so you will need to check the policy before you travel. Some jewellery insurance providers – including the partner we use at our boutique – cover international travel, so it is worth asking your jeweller about this when you’re making the purchase,” said Matthew.

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