7 reasons why the middle seat is the best seat of all

You might have heard some nonsense from my colleague, Zack, who sits on my left, about how people who prefer window seats are “Champions of the Air” (pfft! Yeah, right). Or from my other colleague, Sarah, who sits on my right, and was harping on about the “benefits” of sitting in the aisle seat (um, who didn’t already know all that?). Well, my friends, the time has come for us Middle Seaters to take a stand. It’s time for us to speak out about our quiet, unassuming and often misunderstood free-for-all kingdom.

That’s right. We’re the selfless ones. The friendly chatterboxes who will pass you your meal… And maybe a few of the latecomers who forgot to check in online 😬 We’ve all experienced the middle-seat life. Love it or hate it, I’m here to show you it’s a friend with benefits!

Me, thinking about how much I love the middle seat

1. If you’re feeling chatty, you’ve got two vulnerable options

If you’re Chatty McGee and love learning your co-passengers’ family histories, reasons for travelling and favourite brands of socks, you’re in for the win! Don’t worry if Window Seat Zack doesn’t want to hear the intimate details of Aunt Mary’s wedding – Sarah, your Aisle Seat Friend, is KEEEEEN!

2. Double armrest, baby!

In the middle seat, you are entitled to not one, but TWO armrests (if you can avoid eye contact with your window and aisle neighbours for the rest of the flight). Insider tip, though – get in early to mark your territory. If you’re late to the party, you can’t come back begging for your spot later in the game.

Claim it now!!!

3. Late check in? No worries!

While late window and aisle-seat lovers have to scramble for leftover seats next to screaming babies and toilet smells, you, my friend, can choose from a plethora of up-front middle seat options. Why? Because no-one wants the middle seat. Less competition = you’ve already won.

My daughter and I enjoying front-of-plane seats even though we checked in late, ‘cause we’re middle-seat-flyers. That wasn’t her you heard screaming 😬😬

4. Leg room potential ++

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Aisle Seat Lovers boast about their supposed leg room. But, my friends, did they consider the potential for your legs to wander into another seat’s space? You’ve got the option of three seats to stretch out under, so why not use them all? Again, just avoid all eye contact and know that it’s kind of a jerk move 😬😬😬

5. You can choose the comfiest shoulder

Feeling sleepy? In the middle seat, you have not one, but TWO comfy shoulders to choose from. Sure, Aisle Seat Sarah’s Italian knitted wool scarf looks enticing, but Window Seat Zack’s snuggly cowl-necked hoodie will protect you from the chilly aircon AND any unexpected turbulence. Thanks, Zack!

Well-rested after another comfy middle-seat flight

6. Earn extra brownie points with your travel buddy

“Oh, don’t worry honey. I’ll take the middle seat”. If you want to score serious brownie points with your travel pal, offer them the window or aisle seat. Don’t mention how much you love the middle seat, though, ‘cause you want them to think you’re making a big sacrifice. Also, they’re shouting lunch 😎

All loved-up with my aisle-seat-loving husband because I offered him dibs

7. You’re making the world a better place 🌍

Let’s face it – almost no-one wants the middle seat. So take it and consider it your random act of kindness for the day. You’re giving up your claim on one of the ‘best seats in the house’ and making someone else happy. Well done!!!

If I still haven’t convinced you of all the benefits of the Middle Seat Life, you can check out Sarah’s pitch for the aisle seat here and Zack’s arguments for the window seat here . But don’t worry about me. I’m pretty confident you’ll come running back to the middle… they all do.

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