Aussie hotels that will have you booking a stay for their pool alone

1. Ruffles Lodge & Spa – Gold Coast Hinterland

This five-star treetop resort offers secluded access to a remarkable U-shaped outdoor pool. Resting on the crest of the trees, the pool has panoramic views of the Hinterlands below and the Gold Coast CBD in the distance. Not to mention the indoor pool and spa to break up the monotony ;). If that’s not enough or if you’re really struggling to relax then pay a visit to the private cinema set amongst Zen Gardens and tai chi lawns.

2. The Langham – Sydney

The Langham is one of the most elite hotels in the world. After a $30 million facelift the swimming pool is completely luxe. With a colosseum inspired look featuring pale stone columns and a star-dappled sky ceiling, the tranquillity of night is constantly in your thoughts all hours of the day. Rich turquoise waters and two delightful summer-inspired beach murals complete the luxe vibes.

3. Palazzo Versace – Gold Coast

This is more than a pool, it’s an oasis and wellness centre. The hotel itself is built around the pool, running throughout the rooms similar to the twist and turn of Venetian canals. Totalling 63 metres this is the mother ship, boasting it’s own white sandy beach and Australia’s first ever water salon. Ooh la la.

4. Hyatt Regency – Perth

Boasting the largest pool in Perth’s CBD at 20 metres in length, this heated outdoor pool is perfect for swimming laps or relaxing in the hotels newly renovated “urban oasis”. Order food and drinks on the deck or access the free Wi-Fi whilst on your business trip. With chic grey scale chairs and a state of the art gazebo, this will transport you to a tropical paradise!    

5. Hotel Grand Chancellor – Adelaide

This outdoor swimming pool is set in the midst of Adelaide’s high-rises on bustling Hindley Street. With a concrete jungle landscape, this masterpiece of engineering boasts an adjoining spa shaded by tropical palm trees. Have a cocktail on the terrace before heading out to Adelaide’s top bar district below.

6. Sheraton Mirage – Port Douglas

With 12 outdoor pools including but not limited to; a 25-metre lap pool, a freshwater pool, and five acres of swimmable saltwater lagoons, this is one place where multiple pairs of togs might be required. With bars across the 12 swimming sites, each pool takes you to a different part of the world.

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