10 travel products to ditch (or switch) 👋

Many of us fret when packing our bags: what do I need? How am I going to fit everything? You know the drill. But what you might not think about is the impact the things we pack have on the earth. Single-use items like ziplock bags and mini shampoos are pretty bad for the places we’re on our way to enjoy: the environment! So, how can you pack light both for your trip and the planet? Here are some handy travel products that are both space-saving and planet-saving 🔋🌏

1. BYO beauty

Skip complimentary hotel products and bring your own squeezable, refillable travel bottles full of the products you know and love. Their small size will help you keep you under the liquid restrictions for international flights, while the fact that they’re reusable means you can keep up your usual beauty routine without creating extra waste.

2. Protect ya neck and the reef

Swap your current sunscreen for an organic cream that’s free of paraben, cinnamate, benzophenone and camphor derivatives. These chemicals contribute to coral bleaching, which is the aqua equivalent of getting sunburnt.

3. Batteries not included

Travel gadgets can take up precious weight and space in your bag, and they often need disposable batteries. Batteries can be terrible for the environment if they’re not disposed of properly. Leave the gadgets at home or use rechargeable toys instead.

4. Check your hand sanitiser

Some hand sanitisers and deodorants contain an antibacterial ingredient called triclosan/triclocarbon. It’s water-resistant, which means it can end up in the ocean and kill good bacteria that’s important to the food chain. Check your hand sanitiser’s ingredients before you pack it or grab a natural hand sanitiser like Squeakie.

5. Micro micro micro beads

Some toothpastes and face washes contain microbeads of plastic that help scrub you clean. But because they don’t break down, they’re a mess for the environment. Let fresh air and salt water cleanse you instead. Sand is an awesome natural exfoliant, you know 😉

6. Watch out for wet wipes

Although they might say flushable, wet wipes can contribute to blockages, or fatbergs (yep, they’re exactly what they sound like 😱). An emergency plumber visit would be a super embarrassing way to end your stay at a nice hotel, plus the blockages can wash up on the beaches you’re supposed to be enjoying. Chuck them in the bin 😊

7. Dispose of your razor

Disposable razors can be convenient, but they’re an environmental disaster! They’re plastic, which we all know is bad, and they come packaged in even more plastic. Switch to a stainless-steel safety razor, like your grandparents used to use.

8. Have a bar of it

Shampoo bars – solid shampoos in block form – are great and they’re becoming more and more popular. They’re perfect for travellers, as they can often double as normal soap bars – two jobs, one product – and they don’t count as part of your liquid allowance. And because they don’t come in disposable bottles, they don’t create any plastic waste. You can even get solid conditioners too!

9. Do carry-on

Those keychain shopping bags from the supermarket are a traveller’s dream! They’re multi-purpose and they fold down into miniscule balls, which can fit into almost any bag. They’re perfect for everything from carrying your impromptu holiday shopping (no plastic bags, even on hols 😉) to acting as wet bags for dirty clothes or shoes.

10. Tetris time

Never tried packing cubes? Trust us, they’re real space and time savers. Look for ones made from recycled materials to tick all the boxes. You’ll be fitting your whole wardrobe in a carry-on in no time!

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