6 tips for getting through airport security FAST

Airport security is important, but even the most patient travellers would rather avoid a loooong line before their flight (who wouldn’t?). That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to breeze through your next security check as fast and fuss-free as possible. They’ll make life easier for you and your airport security team – win-win! 😊

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1. The ultimate shoe trick

The difference between a short and a long wait in an airport security queue can come down to something as simple as what you’re wearing on your feet! That’s right, keep your shoes as simple to slip on and off as possible and you’ll be whizzing through like a boss. Leave your lace-up boots at home and wear a comfy pair of slip-ons instead.

2. Pack your liquids separately

It pays to be prepared when you’re lining up to get through airport security. If you know there’s a limit on liquids you can take through on your international flight, make sure you follow the rules appropriately and organise your toiletries before you even get to the airport, otherwise you’ll just be held up when it comes to your turn.

3. Choose the right line

Just because a security line is shorter, doesn’t necessarily mean it will move faster. Take a look at the people in the lines around you and look out for families with small children or tour groups with several people. Go for a line with more business travellers or singles, if you can – they usually move faster.

4. Be prepared

You know the drill – throw out your water bottle, separate your laptop, remove your belt and take out any change from your pockets. It should come as no surprise that you need to do this each time you fly, so be prepared. It’ll help you make your way through airport security as quickly as possible.

5. Find out the peak travel and waiting times

Some airports are busy no matter what time of day or night you visit, but if you can plan your arrival time at the airport outside of its peak hours, you might just find yourself making your way through airport security in no time. Check out websites like iFly.com, which use flight volume data to predict security line delays. Plan ahead and you could fly right through!

6. Be polite

A good tip for any time, but especially at the airport! Airport security teams check thousands of people every day and it can be hard work. Make their day a little more pleasant by being polite and friendly. It’s sure to pay off if you do end up needing help with the process 😉

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