12 more travel traditions you need to start now

Travel traditions; love em’ or hate ‘em, they really do help you remember your trips in a meaningful (and sometimes weird!) way. I recently wrote 18 Travel Traditions You Need to Start Now and the response from our Wotif Facebook community was great! It seemed like everyone had an opinion on our travel traditions, with some of you even having your own to add to the list. So with a little inspiration from you, here are 12 more traditions to add to your travels.

  1. Buy a Christmas decoration in every place you visit so your tree will be decorated with all of your travels. Hello, international Christmas tree! (Thanks to Yvonne Smith and Julia Brovedani for the tip 😉)
  2. Book your next holiday before you return from your current one (it’s a tough life, but someone’s gotta do it ;-))
  3. Support a local charity wherever you go so you’re giving back to every community you visit.
  4. Request Mambo No.5 at every pub you visit. Just cos 😉
  5. Buy a postcard, write about your day, and send it to yourself.
  6. Buy a kitchen utensil in every destination, so every time you cook, you remember a trip! (Inspired by Erika A E Petersons, who brought long-handled spoons and chopsticks back from Korea)
  7. Go to a local supermarket and buy something you haven’t tried before.
  8. Purchase a recipe book in every place you visit and cook from it when you get back. (Great idea, Liz Henshaw!)
  9. Never turn on a TV while on holiday. I know – shock, horror 😱
  10. Celebrate a certain holiday, such as Christmas, in a place that does it in a completely different way to what you’re used to.
  11. Use a different perfume or cologne while you’re on holiday. Then when you use it at home, the good times and great memories will come flooding back. (We loved this one. Thanks, Mary Botto!)
  12. Every holiday, visit a place from one of your favourite books or movies. Naturally, I’m a hardcore Potter fan, so I couldn’t visit London without trying to get into Hogwarts!

    I’m coming, Harry!
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