Travel hacks from digital nomads: Create your own mobile office!

Tips for being a digital nomad

If the #freelancelife feed is any indication, working remotely is all about non-stop poolside margaritas. But while the digital nomad life looks glamourous, the truth is influencers still have to, well, work. Regardless of whether you’re launching a business or taking your existing job on the road, here’s what you can learn from content creators about how to create a mobile office and become a digital nomad.

1. Have a dedicated “work” bag

“We have a separate bag dedicated to work equipment. Everything from cameras to notepads goes in this – one with many compartments is key. That way, we know exactly where everything is.” – Charlie Pauly and Lauren Cliffe from @charlieandlauren_


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2. On managing work schedules

“We stick to a work routine as much as possible. First thing in the morning is emails and social media, and then we do blog-related work. Marking meetings, deadlines and even days off on a digital calendar is a lifesaver.” – Charlie Pauly and Lauren Cliffe from @charlieandlauren_

3. Lighten your load:

“Most of my organisation is done using the Notes, Dropbox, Evernote, Drive and Docs apps. I don’t carry a notebook or agenda anymore. Over time, it just seemed like weight I didn’t need.” – Kirsten Alana @kirstenalana


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4. On the realities of working remotely

“The entire world is our office. There’s no ‘off’ switch. The stress is different, but it’s not lessened just because we might be working by a pool or with a view instead of in a cubicle.” – Kirsten Alana from @kirstenalana

5. Prepare for worst-case scenarios

“I’ve migrated all my files onto Google Drive, so if I lose my laptop, all of my work is accessible from another device. As a back-up, I travel with my hard drive. It’s just as important to me as my passport!” – Jaharn Giles from @misterweekender


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6. On not taking freelancing for granted

“It can be stressful at times chasing the right light or taking a creative photo. I used to get so consumed that I found I wasn’t enjoying the experience. I’d get home and think ‘Was I really just in the Maldives?’ Now, I make sure to enjoy travelling first and creating content second.” – Jaharn Giles from @misterweekender

7. Divide up your life

“I’m a filmmaker, constantly travelling around the world for projects. Packing cubes give me an organisational ‘mini closet’ in my bag. It’s easy to pull out what I need, instead of dumping my entire suitcase each time I change hotels.” – Kristen Kellogg from @kristenkellogg

8. On finding “office” space

“It’s important to know what environment you work best in. Is it in a bustling café or is it from a quiet space? Coffee shops and from ‘home’ are my best environments. In co-working spaces, my productivity suffers.” – Kristen Kellogg from @kristenkellogg

9. Invest in quality gear

“I bought a pair of nice noise-cancelling headphones. They’re great for entertainment, but their best use is conference calls. I often make calls while driving or in busy places. It means I never miss a conversation.” – Jeff Bartlett from @photojbartlett


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10. On not making sacrifices

“When working remotely, it’s always a balance between what you need and what you can carry. It’s not just about being lightweight – but rather efficient. I’d rather carry extra gear than slow my workflow down.” – Jeff Bartlett from @photojbartlett

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