Why the aisle seat is better than the window seat

Ah, it’s the age-old question that’s been dividing people forever: which is the best seat on the plane – aisle or window? Well, thank goodness for you, I have the answer. Sure, my workmate and lunchtime jogging buddy Zack Frohloff might tell you otherwise (and you can read all about that here if you’re into LIES) but I know the truth about the aisle seat and why it’s the best one on the plane.

Me, loving my life in the aisle seat

1. Toilet breaks are easy-pee-zy

Is there anything worse than having to ask someone’s permission to go to the toilet? We’re not in primary school anymore, people. We’ve come a long way since then and nowhere should this be more true than on a plane. You know what the great thing about sitting on the aisle is? You never have to ask a single soul if they can please get out of the way so you can go to the toilet. This is PARTICULARLY handy if you’ve got food poisoning, are on a liquid detox, or had waaaay too many drinks before your flight. Sitting in the aisle seat has gotten me out of plenty of potentially (and literally) sticky situations.

Going to need the toilet annnny minute now

2. You can get off the plane faster

Sure, if you like waiting while old mate fumbles around trying to grab his bag from the overhead locker and his tablet from the seat pocket in front of him, all while putting on his jacket, by all means take your time in the window seat. But if you’re like me and you’ve been on so many flights that you have your travel routine down to a fine art, you’ll want to be seated on the aisle. As soon as that plane lands, I am ready to go with my carry-on luggage in hand so I can get off toot-sweet.

Would you look at that… I’m off the plane and already in my hotel room 😊

3. Easy access to bags in the overhead locker

Oh crap, your mobile phone is running out of juice and will be dead any minute BUT you have to call your partner, book an Uber and Google the directions to your hotel as soon as you land – uh-oh! Bad news, Team Window Seat (aka Zack), because your charger is in your bag in the overhead lockers and you’re stuck next to a dad who’s trying to get his baby to sleep. Sucks to be you. Meanwhile, those of us in aisle seats can get to our bags anytime we want 😎

4. Ease of movement

If you like nothing more than sitting still for however many hours you’re on a flight, then the window seat is for you. But if you like to get up, walk around, grab something from your overhead locker, put it back, and, hey, maybe even get it out again, then stay the heck away from the window seat. You’ll be stuck until you land.

5. Extra leg room

It’s a proven FACT that there is much more leg room in the aisle seat – it’s called the aisle. Enjoy, fellow Aisle Seat Lovers. After the flight attendants have finished with their trolleys, get ready to spread those legs out. Tall people, you’re welcome!

The aisle seat makes me literally jump for joy

6. See ya later, claustrophobia!

It’s time to say goodbye to that dreaded feeling of claustrophobia that comes with being trapped in the window seat. Beautiful views of the world below don’t make up for how closely your neighbor is sitting next to you, all while hogging the arm rests, putting their feet up on the seat in front of them, and laughing too loudly at the entertainment. You know what’s a good remedy for that? Getting up and going for a walk around the plane, that’s what. Which you can only easily do if you’re in an aisle seat. Looking out the window might be pretty, but it won’t solve the problem. Soz.

7. The view is not all it’s cracked up to be

And while we’re talking about the view, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be anyway. Most of the time the plane is at such a high altitude that all you can see are clouds. And can I bring to everyone’s attention the fact that the captain and flight attendants dictate when you can and can’t put your window shade up (or enjoy the Dreamliner “magic window” technology)? Generally, the best views are just after takeoff and before landing, when all passengers are asked to put their seats in the upright position – which means everyone can see out the windows (yes, even us Aisle Seat Lovers).

See? The view from a hotel room is so much better than from a plane…

What do you reckon? Is the aisle seat for you? Or perhaps you can’t get enough of the window seat? Check out ‘Why the window seat is better than the aisle seat’ for the other side of this important debate.

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