Why Thailand is better than Bali

When it comes to holiday destinations, both Thailand and Bali are popular choices for all types of travellers. With stunning scenes, great food, a good range of accommodation, and friendly local hospitality, you could almost say these two destinations are equals. But not quite. This is when size actually matters…

Wat Benchamabophit (the Marble Temple), Bangkok

Thailand’s location bordering Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar makes it a melting pot of Southeast Asian geographies, landscapes, and cultures. It gives travellers a richer travel experience than Bali – seriously.

Here are five reasons why many travellers pick Thailand over Bali.

1. Thailand has more diverse travel experiences

From hiking with hill tribes in the north to beach bumming in the laid-back south, with the exciting glamour of the modern metropolis of Bangkok in between, Thailand has no end of incredible experiences. While most people in Thailand are Buddhist, some parts of the country – particularly regions that sit on the border – also have Malay, Indian, Chinese, and other Southeast Asian influences, each of which bring their own rich and colourful cultural, food, and travel experiences.

2. Thailand has an amazing coastline

Yes, Bali may have its soft, sandy beaches and an endless horizon across the sea, but Thailand’s stretch of coastal land has more. Its beaches look like your screensaver, with its horizon decorated with limestone formations that are so famous they have even been associated with Bond… James Bond.

Screenshot material

3. Nothing beats the delicious Thai street food

We’re not saying Balinese cuisine isn’t yummy. The satays, ayams, and seafood have their merits, but honestly, you can get all that in Thailand, and more. Pull up at a street vendor and you’ll be treated to some of the best fast foods available. Once you’ve had the legendary Pad Thai from its city of origin, Bangkok, you’ll never want to order the Uber Eats version again.

Bangkok street food

4. An easy multi-country travel destination

We only have a limited amount of annual leave to explore this world, but there’s just so much to get out there and do. This is where Thailand excels once again – sharing borders with five other countries means you can pack multiple destinations into your holiday without too much fuss.

5. Amazing festivals

Some of the best travel experiences can be had at festivals, and Thailand has a few amazing (and crazy) ones throughout the year. Go wild with water during Songkran (water festival) or send off a sky-lantern wish to the gods at Loy Krathong. Or get even more adventurous at the buffalo-racing festival! Bet they don’t do that in Bali!

Yee Peng festival at Wat Sirindhorn Wararam

Think we got it wrong? Check out ‘Why Bali is better than Thailand’ – coming soon!

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