6 must-know cash-saving holiday hacks

A wide rear-view shot of a caucasian female tourist walking across a large piece of driftwood at a beach in New Zealand.

We’ve all been at home a lot lately. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve been dreaming of fiiiiinally taking a cheeky holiday soon.

The good news is, travelling can be done on a budget and you don’t have to miss out on a thing. In fact, your next trip can be as thrifty as it is fun, using our six must-know hacks for saving cash on your next holiday.

1. Bang for your (breakfast) buck

If you’ve booked at a hotel with an included breakfast, this can really save on food costs while you’re away. A big, hearty, well-timed meal can keep you full for breakfast and lunch, leaving both your belly and your wallet full.

A Plate full of Full English Breakfast.

2. Be a flexible Frankie

Flexibility can often help you nab a great deal. Sure, the early bird catches the worm (and locks in a rate), but booking at the last-minute can also save you $$ with hotels keen to fill empty rooms. If your plans are flexible, you can often find plenty of opportunities to save.

3. Stay ahead of the best deals

The best deals go to those in the know, and you can only be in the know by becoming a member of exclusive clubs and apps. Here at Wotif, we have secret (shhh! 🤫) Mates Rates available when you log into your Wotif account or search on the Wotif app (on both iPhone and Android). If you don’t have an account, you can easily create one here. Make sure you sign up for Wotif emails too to get a heads-up on all our best sales and deals.

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4. Choose kitted-out accommodation

Sure, hotels can be great, but choosing a serviced apartment with a kitchen means you can cook at home, saving valuable dollars for adventure and activities. This can be particularly helpful when travelling as a family or in larger groups.

5. Book out of season

If at all possible, book your next trip outside of peak times like school holidays, long weekends or other national holidays. Not only will you avoid the long lines and extra tourists, you’ll likely save that little bit more on your booking too.

6. Take yourself walking

Walking tours are a great way to get to know a new city but can be a little pricey, not to mention crowded. Try using an app like GPS My City, or head to your destination’s local Information Desk and find out if they have any free walking tours on offer.

A wide rear-view shot of a caucasian female tourist walking across a large piece of driftwood at a beach in New Zealand.

How are you going to budget hack your next getaway?

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