Why Bali is better than Thailand

Here in Australia, we’re perfectly located to enjoy the best of Asia and all the holiday experiences it has to offer. And those experiences have to be pretty darn good to prise us away from Aussie holiday hot spots like Melbourne and the Sunshine Coast. Thailand and Bali are two popular options, but which one’s right for you? Last month we gave you five reasons why Thailand is better than Bali. But here at Wotif, we like to keep things fair. So here are five reasons why Bali is the superior getaway destination.

1. It’s closer (and cheaper!)

Sometimes you just need a quick getaway. If you’re travelling from Sydney, you could be sipping a Bintang in Bali in less than 6.5 hours, whereas it would take you 9.5 hours to reach Thailand.

While both destinations will give you serious bang for your buck, Bali is noticeably cheaper than Thailand. In Bali, you can grab a meal, a beer and a massage and still have change from a $50AUD note.

Traditional Bali deliciousness won’t cost you an arm and a leg

2. It’s easier to get around

Bali is an island; Thailand is a country. In Thailand, you could spend half your holiday travelling between different cities. But in Bali, all the ‘must-sees’ are within easy reach.

The perfect spot to take in a rice terrace sunrise

3. It’s more family-friendly

If you are going to drag a ‘spirited’ toddler or two on an international flight, you want to know that it’s going to be worth it. Luckily, Bali has more family-friendly resorts and attractions than you can shake a stick at. Many properties have childcare facilities and activities to entertain the young ones as well.

4. Abandoned airplanes and underwater temples

One of Bali’s unique quirks is that there are abandoned aircraft, including Boeing 737s, littered all over the place. The story goes that turning them into ticketed tourist attractions was once considered a great idea. When it wasn’t, they were just left there for tourists to explore. You won’t find that in Thailand!

Anyone misplaced their airplane?
When it comes to cultural experiences, it’s probably lineball between Thailand and Bali – on land, at least. But Bali has a temple at the bottom of the ocean, where you can snorkel and marvel at a submerged slice of history. Here, coral and Buddha statues live as one.

5. Bali has better beer

Thailand has a beer called Chang – or ‘Changover’ as anyone who’s ever had a big night on it now knows. Want a cracking headache? Go to Thailand. Want a refreshing, golden pale lager? Grab a Bintang and neck it by a glorious Bali beach.

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